About Me

A conversational book blog stuffed full of reviews, CAPS LOCK, occasional swooning, far too many exclamation marks and the rare rant.

Rabbit Hole Reads grew out of my sporadic, scattered reviews on the internet. Some were on tumblr, some were on goodreads, and some were just tweeted out over the course of an evening. It was a mess. But then I had the bright idea of combining them all in one cohesive space (this blog) and life became much easier. Following an extended hiatus (three years!!!), Rabbit Hole Reads has wiped the archive clean and is back, ready to shake up the book reviewing world (not really, no one noticed I was gone).

Let me just state, I am rusty. I haven't done this whole review thing in a while, so I apologise if it takes me a while to get my groove back. Please don't shout at me if I forget to add specific quotes or a rant every so often. It really isn't intentional, I promise.

frequently asked questions//

didn't you already have a book blog?

yes, it was this one! For very boring reasons, the blog went away for a while but it is back now!

do you get paid for book blogging?

Literally never. 

what happened to your other blog?

the personal blog is dead! well, sort of. it's a mighty long story, my friends

can you review my book?

it's very rare that I accept self-published books for review, but I'm always open to it. The process for submitting a book for review is on my review policy page.

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